About me

Hi! I am Josh Oliver. This blog really is not because I think of myself as blog worthy, I really just desire to share the Lord’s grace in my life. A little bit about me; I lived for HS basketball, I golf way too much, I have an unhealthy love of physical Bibles, and I am a life-time baristo.



You might notice all the pictures are with people I am close to.

family matters.


Acts 20:24

Why the Blog

The heart behind this blog is to provide insight into the work the Lord is calling me to. I often experience fleeting convictions, but when I felt it in my heart to write a blog about my time in Bradenton, I knew I had to act on it. Everyone is wondering what exactly I am going to be doing while I am in Florida, so that is one of the main functions of the site. It would be helpful to receive feedback on the posts, as well as continued, specific prayer for the Gospel outreach taking place. My prayer is that through this blog, you all will be refreshed, convicted, and moved to take action as a servant of the Lord.

Blog Posts

That is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine

-Paul to the Roman Believers

About Me

I have lots to say about myself, but rather than saying it all I leave you a quote which has shaped who I am.

“This game is not about basketball, it is about being men who do everything to the glory of God”

What I blog about

My Story


My story is only told to give glory to the Redeemer, Jesus Christ.